About St.Michael's School

St. Michael’s school is set in the idyllic countryside of Ahmednagar, a tier 2 city in the largest district of Maharashtra. The campus is spread over 6 acres of fresh open land with over 10 acres set aside for future expansion. With ample room to learn and reach their full potential in the crisp, clean outdoors, the students’ palpable enthusiasm is often the only introduction you need.


Our aim is to partner with the parents and guardians to provide quality education within a secure and caring environment. Together, we strive to enable the children in St. Michael’s to reach their full potential. Our ultimate aim of imparting education is to create empowered knowledge and therefore empowered people.

Our mission is to ensure that the students who leave the portals of our school grow up to be fine young adults who will contribute constructively to society and be productive, intelligent citizens in our nation, India.


In the years to come, we will be able to see the institution grow in ways that will be directly beneficial to the nation. We aim to impart a high quality learning environment that will not only enable our students progress towards their own goals in life, but also channel their abilities, privilege and energies in ways which will uplift those less fortunate. Such young people are the need of the hour in our country.

To facilitate the creation of a cadre of future leaders and entrepreneurs who can give back to society, is our vision for this institution and our dream for its future