Mandatory public disclosure

1. Name of the School St. Michael’s School
2. Affiliation No. 1130394
3. School Code 30307
4. Complete address with pin code Gat No. 470, Narayan Doho,Tal – Nagar, Dist-Ahmednagar – 414201
5. Principal name and qualification Mrs. Nondita D’souza, M.A. B.Ed
6. School email
7. Contact Details (Landline/Mobile) 0241-2321529, 9689123758
1. Copies of affiliation/upgradation letter and recent extension of affiliation if any link
2. Copies of societies/trust/company registration/renewal certificate as applicable link
3. Copies of no objection  certificate (NOC)
issued, if applicable by the State Govt./UT
4. Copies of Recognition Certificate under RTE
Act 2009 and its renewal if applicable
 5. Copy of valid Building Safety Certificate as
per the National Building Code
 6. Copy of valid Fire Safety Certificate issued by the competent authority link
7. Copy of the DEO certificate submit by the school for affiliation/upgradation/extension of affiliation self certification by school link
link 2
8. Copies of valid Water, Health and Sanitation certificates link
link 2
1. Fee structure of the school link
2. Annual academic calendar link
3. List of School Management Committee (SMC) link
4. List of Parents Teachers Association (PTA) members link
5. Last three-years result of the board examination as per applicability link
1. Principal 1
2. Total no. of teachers 36
       a. PGT 4
       b. TGT 16
       c. PRT 13
      d. PET 2
3. Teachers Section Ratio 21:1
4. Details of special educator 0
5. Details of Counsellor and Wellness teacher 1
1. Total campus area of the school (in sq. mt.) 16187.40 sq. mt.
2. No. and size of the class room (in sq. mt.)  29 No.   8 x 6 sq. mts.
3. No. and size of laboratories including computer labs (in sq. mt.)  TOTAL NO. OF LABORATORIES – 5
Physics Lab –         11.27 X 6 SQ.MTR
Chemistry Lab –    13.58 X 6 SQ.MTR
Biology Lab –        11.51 X 6 SQ.MTR
Maths Lab – 06 X 06 SQ.MTR
Computer Lab – 13.5 X 4 SQ.MTR
4. Internet Facility (Y/N)  Y
5. No. of girls toilets 28
6. No. of boys toilets 19
7. Link of youtube video of the inspection of the school covering the infrastructure of the school link
Transport Facility
          (i)   Own Buses (i)   1 (staff bus)
         (ii)  Buses hired on contract basis (ii)  10 buses, 29 minivans
         (iii) Details of transport charges (iii) Rs. 1550/- per month